Energy & Water Auditing

EnergySolve is equipped with a wide range of skills and equipment necessary to conduct a comprehensive audit of any facility. And through the analysis of the accumulated data EnergySolve is capable of providing a detailed analysis and plan of rectification into any excess wastage.

Thermography Auditing

Thermography auditing can be used to detect multiple thermal anomalies without causing any disturbances to the target system. This process can also be used for the detection of air conditioning leakages and the dispersal of heat from windows, unsealed doors, poorly insulated connections and bad building envelopes.

Third Party Commissioning

Our third party commissioning services and management will provide control of every aspect of building by verifying and ensuring that your building is designed, installed, and calibrated to operate as intended. We offer a comprehensive set of commissioning services in addition to which clients can request an enhanced commissioning if needed.

Due Diligence Services

The Due Diligence service that we provide will include a systematic review and analysis of a property that is to be purchased, rented or leased. This assessment will be carried out as a third party verification in order confirm that all physical aspects of the building conform to the client’s  requirements.


Building Simulation

Our building simulations will extend to but not limited to Energy modeling, lighting simulations and airflow analysis. This will provide the ability to make informed choices between the building’s initial design or retrofit solutions by weighing the cost and benefit of various scenarios. Also documentations can be carried out to conform with the requirements of Green Building Certification Schemes, such as Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED).


Lighting Design Services

Exterior and Interior lighting systems are designed to meet aesthetic, ergonomic and energy efficiency while illuminating the spaces. Our lighting designs services cover a wide range of sectors including the hospitality, commercial, industrial, residential and hospital sectors. Lighting calculations and graphic presentations are provided through our expertise in software such as DIALux, AGI32, and Lumen Designer.

Revit Design Services

EnergySolve performs Revit MEP to model mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in complex building systems. Revit MEP solutions can be provided in a fast and accurate in creating the complex construction details from any basic concept design. Our services are designed to provide the highest quality MEP solutions through 2D and 3D modeling of machines, plant rooms and distribution networks in buildings at an economical rate.