A sustainable building, or green building is an outcome of a design philosophy which focuses on increasing the operational efficiency of Energy, Water, Air Quality, Resources & Materials while on the environment as well as on the occupants. Sustainable design philosophies are holistic approaches and are integrated into every aspect of a buildings’ life cycle.

Building owners can gain a significant reduction in water, waste, energy in addition to a reducing your carbon footprint while improving factors such as occupant health, productivity and costs.

EnergySolve consists of a conglomerate of professionals that include Seasoned Engineers, Energy Consultants, Architects and Technical Specialists with experience in sustainable infrastructure development spanning over a decade.

- Specialists in Green Building Certifications and Building Services.
- A LEED Proven Provider and a Member of the USGBC.
- Over a decade of experience throughout the world in sustainable infrastructure development.
- We have completed over 75 projects throughout Asia and are responsible for the first platinum projects in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.